100 Crappy Drawings

100 crappy drawings is a book with a selection of 100 drawings. Throughout the years these drawings have found their way to galleries in France, Australia and the Netherlands.

From the introduction:

‘I discovered that drawing is an art form that suits me more than fine. It’s nothing fancy, just a piece of paper, a bit of paint, some blue and white drawing chalk and pen and ink. But opposed to painting it is very fast, and I like to work fast. I even have a hair dryer in my studio to dry paint so I can move on (lots of coffee and loud music also help).

So, enough with the artistic romance, let’s get on to the drawings. In this book you will find a selection of 100 drawings, which were sold in different galleries over the years. I redid them, because the originals were in colour. If a single drawing is framed, colour is great, but once they are made into a book it will look more like a candy store than an art book. And yes, I did take the opportunity to correct and improve some.’

Here you can find a review.
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