Jan-Hein Arens (born on September 23, 1974 in Vught, the Netherlands) is a painter, sculptor and illustrator. He studied graphic design and illustration at the Grafische School Eindhoven from 1992 until 1996.

The art of Arens concentrates on basic human needs and emotions. By adding different, strange elements, often painted in a realistic way, or placing them out of context the spectator is forced to make up his/her own reason or meaning for the work.

Humour and alienation are essential elements in Arens’ work. Small scribbles of text written directly on the canvas with pen and ink complete the image or just ad confusion.

Instagram: jharens
Facebook: janhein.arens

Address :
Vlasmeersestraat 47
5261 TB  Vught
The Netherlands

These galleries have the work of Jan-Hein Arens on stock:

Morton Contemporary Gallery Philadelphia, USA
Carré d’Artsistes Online
Carré d’Artsistes Amsterdam
Sous Terre Gallery
Saatchi Online

Past Expositions:

2004: Reinart Gallery, Oss

2005: Hang Gallery, Amsterdam

2006: Guts & Glory Gallery, Amsterdam

2006: Lamber Gallery, Valkenswaard

2007: Sous Terre Gallery , Lithooijen

2007: het Kruithuis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2007: Lamber Gallery , Valkenswaard

2008: Carré ‘d Artistes, Aix-en-Provence, France

2009: Living Art Gallery  , ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2009: Carré ‘d Artistes, Paris France

2010: Carré ‘d Artistes, Paris, France

2011: Ahuja museum for Arts – Calcutta, India

2011: Puurkunst Gallery, Eindhoven

2012: Living Art Gallery, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2013: het Kruithuis, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2013: KickArts Gallery, Cairns Australia

2017: CUSP Gallery, New York USA

2017: Kunsthuijs, Best

2018: Carré ‘d Artistes , Philadelphia USA

2018: Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam

2019: Carré ‘d Artistes , New York USA

2019: Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam