Frequently Asked Questions

Are these questions really frequently asked?
No, we made them up to explain some basic things we think you might wonder about.

How long does it take to ship an item?
We handle everything ourselves. This isn’t a big company with fancy pantsy packaging lines and managers and stuff. Give it a couple of days, maybe two weeks if you are on the other side of the globe.

Why is the work not framed?
Quite simple; it is a bad idea to send a framed artwork by mail. The glass is too fragile and there is a real change it does not reach you in one piece.
Then there is also a matter of personal taste. You are better off going to your local professional framer to have your art framed in a way that best suits your interior.

How should I have a drawing framed?
First off; all drawings should be framed behind UV resistant glass. In this way your artwork is protected from fading colors or the paper turning yellow. The materials the artworks are made with are from a high standard professional grade, but nothing can withstand direct sunlight.
We suggest you go to a professional framer who can advise you on how to best preserve your new work of art, and to give you different options in frames to choose from. We work a lot with KaJa in Vught. If you are in search of a professional framer in the Netherlands we highly recommend this one.

Are the items originals?
Hell yes.

Why are there only paintings sized 50/50 cm or smaller in the store?
Larger paintings demand special shipping procedures. We can ship them, just contact us and we’ll figure out how to work things out. Mind you; not all paintings in the gallery are available.

Does Jan-Hein Arens work on commission?
Yes, he sure does. You can contact us to work out the details. If you plan to have a painting made as a gift for someone be sure to order it way up front. These things take some time.