Art as an App

As part of the art project ‘Schatten van Zonneheuvel’ Arens was asked to develop an artwork for people with limited vision. Together with people from of a residency where elderly with a visual disability live he developed an app that could be enjoyed without sight. The app is called ‘Loftrompet Deluxe’ (it is in Dutcht only) and it functions as a compliments generator. With the press of a button a random compliment is generated for the user. It even contains the option to make the compliments rhetorical. For the people at the residency the app is installed on a tablet with a custom made external big red button, which can be  found on touch.

The app can be found in Google Play and can be installed on most modern Android devices. For now it is only available in Dutch but there are some vague plans to develop an English version.
There are currently no plans to release a version for iOS, but you’ll never know.

Meeting the people in the neighbourghood