Art in Public Space part 1

Arens was asked to make a work for a neighbourhood. This was part of a bigger project; Schatten van Zonneheuvel, with artists Carola Mokveld and Angelique Kleijne. The residents were all quite different; some elderly, some foreigners, some gay people, some young people etc etc. They have all lived together problem free since the start, and continue to be a close community where anybody can be themselves and just gets accepted for who they are. A rough translation of the text on the drawing: “…and as it turned out to be, in exactly the same way we are all completely different”Ink and acrylics on paper, photographed and printed on acrylic glass, 20/20 cm.

For this project a total of six artworks will be installed over the course of three months. On August 27 the second artwork by Arens will be revealed.

Left panel
Right panel